How we increased LTV by 20% and conversions by 30% in just a month by building an MVP for children’s educational platform

About the client is a platform with educational broadcasts for children. They conduct live streams on topics that are interesting to kids, but with educational overtones. For example, a child can learn languages, maths and natural sciences by watching videos about Minecraft. That is kind of a useful YouTube that works by subscription.

Tasks set

We dug into the product, formulated a bunch of hypotheses that were tested by NoCode development, but in this article, we will analyze two specific ones.

Hypothesis 1: increase lifetime value if you show the child’s results obtained on the platform to the parent

Since the decision to purchase goods for children is made by parents, the product must also meet their needs. To do this, we decided to show parents an individual plan for their child and the progress over the past period. Thanks to the demonstration of the results, we planned to increase the conversion of payments in the next months, that is, to increase the LTV.

Hypothesis 2: increase the conversion rate if you call only those who watched the trial lesson at the beginning of the funnel

The platform’s sales model was as follows:

Tools used

  • Bubble — to create a personal account where personal information will be displayed. The service tracks the user’s time on the site and the child’s interaction with the system. The client already had a personal account on Tilda, but it did not work, because Tilda cannot display individual information for each user.
  • Integromat — for connecting all services and data. NoCode is the server part of the system.
  • AmoCRM — for operator-client and curator-client interaction + sales bot for automating the setting of tasks and transferring cards.
  • Pact — for sending to messengers
  • SendPulse — for emailing
  • Google Analytics, Google tag manager, Metabase — an analytical layer to collect all the necessary data and transfer it to Airtable.
  • Airtable — a single database. A place where data from CRM, analytics and all other services are concentrated.

What we did

To begin with, we needed to collect all the information about the child’s activity:

  1. Completed interactive tests after the videos and homework
  2. The child’s activity in a chat room during the educational broadcasts.
  • countries in which tigers and lions are found.
  • Monitor the watch time of the lesson in order to understand whether we should work out objections (30 % watch) or close for sale (70% watch).
  • Transfer this data to the transaction in amoCRM
  • Automatically assign tasks to the manager in CRM for warm clients
  1. He received a letter and a message in the messenger with a unique lesson link (Integromat helped to link all components and generate links)
  2. The client followed this link and started watching the lesson
  3. As soon as the client had watched 70% of the lesson, the manager immediately called him to close the purchase.

In short

As a result, during the month of work of our LowCode 021 team, we were able to improve the customer return conversion from the first month by 20%, and the sales conversion by 30%.



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