3 NoCode tools for fast work with data that we can recommend for your business

  • You don’t have to spend funds on an expensive developer to manage your data: it’s enough to use automation tools.


Airtable is like Excel or Google Sheets, though of a higher level (or maybe even two or three levels): it allows you to create any desirable number of workspaces, databases and spreadsheets, change the colour of elements, hide certain columns, add text documents and images into spreadsheets and lists and much more than that.

  • Create spreadsheets, calendars, galleries, kanban boards, timelines, Gantt charts;
  • Operate CRM and ERP (accounting system);
  • Use templates of spreadsheets, boards and other things: Airtable’s library contains more than 60 solutions for various tasks;
  • Connect applications to your workspace: the marketplace service has a choice of more than 200 apps;
  • Create Actions to speed up your work.


It’s probably one of the easiest tools for automated work with data. Parabola can save you loads of time: you just don’t need to waste hours on doing routine tasks. You can create scenarios of integration work from scratch or use ready-made templates from the service base.

  • In marketing;
  • Logically coming out from the above paragraph: you can keep track of stock on hand;
  • Make spreadsheets look one whole: customize formatting the fields of prices, dates and etc.;
  • Generate reports: just set up integration with Excel, Google Sheets, Shopify or other databases, automate data sorting and working with formulas, organise saving reports into a designated file;
  • Configure pulling of contacts, for example, from Shopify into Airtable for more convenient work;
  • Send automatic emails to customers from the contact database: for example, to inform them about a limited quantity of goods that customers showed interest in, about an “abandoned cart” or about a payment.


According to its creators, it’s a “data flow editor” for building a back-end with no code. The back-end is an important part of an IT product, and it is clear why: if UX / UI is the face of the project, then the back-end is its skeleton and muscles. And it happens quite often that in order to make the whole body move smoothly you have to pay for expensive services of programmers. And it’s a painstaking task indeed to find a knowledgeable developer who will understand your idea and do his work well, or, at least, won’t cause any troubles.



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